How long is a 1000 word essay?

How long is a 1000 word essay?

A 1000 word essay sounds scary, but it is a relatively short piece of writing. In most cases it is no matter what the assigned word count has to be, there are some rules that will help to save time on every stage of writing process.

Focusing on reaching a necessary word count of the essay is not a winning solution when you begin your writing. Instead, you should better focus on the topic and your point of view to be clearly and fully presented. Planning the essay and writing it according to the rules save your time for sure as you will not have to rewrite your work.

Divide the whole essay writing process into three main stages (gradation by preparation, writing the essay and proofreading. Preparation to the writing is that part that requires the biggest proportion of the whole spent time. Read your writing assignment and be sure you understand what topic you have to write about, in what style it should be. Pay attention to the research and gathering information together. The time spent on this part of the process is varying as it depends on knowledge you have already have. Students and writers basing on their own experience say that preparation takes around one-two hours, but this is very individual numbers.

Writing the essay generally requires less time on the condition that the stage before was effectively done. If you have all the needed information, know the structure of the essay and defined your point of view, so then on writing a one hundred word of an essay it can be spent around 10-15 minutes and, in average, 1.5 hours for one thousand word respectively.

After the last word of an essay is written writers you may mistakenly think that the task is completed. But do not neglect a very important stage of proofreading. It is helpful to read the essay aloud to yourself as you will be able to notice any careless errors. Check grammar and spelling mistakes. Do not shy to ask someone to read your essay with the fresh eyes. The proofreading process takes around fifteen minutes. Consequently, you have to spend around three hours on writing a one-thousand-word essay. But once again, do not orient on the time, focus on the sense you want to provide you reader with.

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